Time to go home?

I’ve been out in Sydney since September 2008 on my Working Holiday Visa and my mind is turning to thoughts of home.

I came to Australia just before the world’s financial fortunes took a turn for the worse.  My original plan had been to pick up work in my usual line of work, this didn’t exactly transpire, so I’ve been temping and working in various administration positions.

Keeping myself on the temping treadmill has proved to myself that I am quite resilient – if you don’t pester the agencies, you don’t get anywhere.  Doing work that has allowed me to dream has also been something of a positive.  I feel like I’ve had time to think about what’s important in life and what needs to change.

Family, health and happiness are what is important to me, which is why being so far away in Australia is something that I cannot live with.  Australia is a great place and a beautiful country with a healthy lifestyle, but I can’t live this far away from my family and friends in Scotland.

I’m aiming to go home in the next two months and I hope to continue the healthy lifestyle that I’ve seen in Australia.  Yoga is doing me a world of good, and I’m glad I feel in love with it again in Sydney.

I’m daunted and excited in equal measure about what will come next in my life and where I choose to live.