Social Networks and the obsession with linking and sharing

Not a week goes by where social networks are trying to become more integrated with one and other, it’s getting to the point where you can’t click a link to a news story on another person’s profile without it being shared with friends or followers.  You can’t join new kid on the block Pinterest without linking it to either your facebook or Twitter account!

I’ve had a slightly more disturbing problem relating to LinkedIn and Twitter.  I have deliberately not connected my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for the simple reason that my LinkedIn represents the “business me” and my Twitter persona is for my free time and I do not have a username that can be easily connected to my other social networking sites – I use Twitter for fun!

Last week a couple of new work colleagues asked about some of my tweets and I wondered where on earth they had found me.  They told me that they had both received a “LinkedIn Member Update” email which displayed some of my recent tweets.  I knew for a fact that I had never linked the accounts so I contacted LinkedIn support who also confirmed that, but they didn’t come up with an explanation as to why this had happened.  How could this have happened and why is LinkedIn feeding information to my connections without my prior permission?  This raises serious questions about they way they protect our personal information.

I haven’t found any reference to this issue across the net so I’m hoping that this blog post may yield some comments on the subject.

I’m starting to feel like the only person who doesn’t want all my accounts to be interconnected!



How to Support BBC 6music

Support for BBC 6music is gathering pace.

The Guardian quotes support from David Bowie, and Twitter is awash with tweets from freelance DJs who are free to voice their support.

Richard Bacon has been vocal on air, which is wonderfully brave of a man on a BBC contract!

Here’s who to follow on Twitter

The DJ that launched BBC 6music Phill Jupitus @jupitusphillip

BBC 6music and Asian Network DJ Bobby Friction @bobbyfriction

Music journalist and DJ Andrew Collins @CollingsA

Tom Watson MP who is tabling a motion supporting BBC 6music @tom_watson


Join the facebook group

Sign the Petition

Contact Your MP

UK Parliament, how to contact your MP

Ask you MP to support Tom Watson MP’s motion on the future of 6music

Tom Watson MP’s 6music motion


If I’ve missed anything please post a comment below and I’ll update this post.