Yorokobi by CJ, Japanese and Korean Restaurant in Aberdeen

I’ve been to Yorokobi once before for a quiet meal and I’ve also popped in for a bento box take out – so what’s it like on a busy Saturday night?

Yorokobi by CJ has an extensive menu featuring both Japanese and Korean cuisine.  There are plenty of options and it’s possible to eat in whichever style you fancy.  You could go for a traditional starter, main and dessert or you could order a variety of dishes to share amongst your table.

I was there with a group of friends, and we decided to order a variety of starters to share and then move on to our own individual main course.

So, it was Japanese for starters – Agedashi Tofu, Vegetable Gyoza for me and my meat-eating friends opted for some Chicken Teriyaki skewers and we all shared some Vegetable Tempura.

I decided to go Korean for my main, with a traditional Vegetable Bibimbab topped with obligatory fried egg!  I ate quite a lot of Korean food when I was in Sydney, and this matched up to the quality I got over there.

Sorbets and ice cream was the perfect way to finish the meal off, refreshing and light!

The food was fantastic, but the service could do with a little work.  When I ordered our wine, the waitress told me it was by the glass only, despite the menu stating that I could order a bottle.  They weren’t too fast at clearing our table fully between courses, and we sometimes had to prompt them.  I think we had a new waitress, but I think the poor lass could have done with some extra support from her colleagues.

It’s a great restaurant though, and I’d definitely recommend it and I’ll be going back.

Have you been and what did you think?  Leave your comments here!



Gurkha Kitchen, Aberdeen

Had a fabulous takeaway from the Gurkha Kitchen in Aberdeen tonight.  It was recommended to me by a friend and it sounded so good I decided to order in for dinner.

The Gurkha Kitchen is the only Nepalese takeaway in Aberdeen, and I can’t think of any restaurants either.  Nepalese food has some similarities to Indian cuisine, but generally the flavours are more subtle.

The food was fresh, tasty and full of beautiful flavours.  The mint dip that comes with the pakoras was lightly flavoured with herbs and set them off perfectly.

My main was Daal Bhat Takari which is a medium vegetable curry with paneer cheese – rice and daal is also included in the price.

It’s the first time I’ve ordered from the Gurkha Kitchen and it’s likely to become a firm favourite. They even deliver too!

Fancy trying it?  Here’s the details:

Gurkha Kitchen, 409 George Street, Aberdeen AB25 1ER, tel: 01224 622112, website www.gurkhakitchen.com

Missing Sydney Sushi Stop

I wondered along to Ark Sushi King on George Street, Sydney CBD this lunchtime for some of their sushi rolls and Miso soup and it’s now mysteriously empty.

I was not the only one looking puzzled and staring through the window to find the place gutted of all it’s fixtures and fittings.  I’m sure it was open yesterday?

If anyone knows what happened, I’d love to know!

Australian Chocolate

Is it just me, or does Australian chocolate taste a bit funny?

Cadbury’s in particular is quite a bit different, it’s got an almost powdery, crumbly texture.  My hunch is that there is something in it to prevent it melting in the hot and humid Australian climate.

I’m glad Australia imports Lindt, Ritter Sport and other European chocolate, but I’ll certainly be looking forward to some proper Cadbury’s back in the UK.

5 things you didn’t know about Australia and were afraid to ask

When you live in another country you expect differences, but it’s the quirky differences I find most interesting.

With that in mind, here’s my Top 5 things you didn’t know about Australia and were afraid to ask

  1. Lollies are sweets, but they don’t have sticks like a UK lolly
  2. Scented toilet roll is the norm, not the exception
  3. Footy is Aussie rules (AFL) not actual football/soccer
  4. Hotels are more likely to be pubs, not places to stay in
  5. A “lay-by” is a means of purchasing an expensive item in a shop, not somewhere for you to have a break on a car journey

There are plenty other curious differences, but hey – that’s what living away from home is all about!

The Aussie Breakfast Experience

Having lived in Australia these past few months, I’ve really enjoyed getting into the habit of going out for breakfast at the weekend.

Coming from Scotland, where I am more used to keeping warm inside than venturing out for brekkie, I’ve really started to enjoy this ritual.

Australia has so many excellent local, independently run cafes that there is an endless variety of options.  Breakfast is seldom the greasy affair we in the UK are more commonly used to.

So what’s usually on an Aussie cafe’s breakfast menu?  Here’s a quick sample:

  • Eggs Benedict – where you can choose ham or salmon, and sometimes it is served on Turkish bread
  • Bircher Muesli
  • Pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup
  • Banana bread (any Aussie cafe worth their salt serves this!)
Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

But it’s not just the food that makes an Aussie breakfast such a pleasure.  Many cafes serve a wide variety of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies – anything from a standard orange juice to a more daring beetroot juice.

Coffee is taken very seriously in Australia too – cafes have been known to lose business if they have a barista that doesn’t make coffee that is up to scratch.  I’m really going to struggle to find a good coffee on my return to Scotland.

So, if you are visiting Australia, I’d highly recommend making a date for breakfast!