Is music becoming a niche interest?


There seem to be fewer and fewer people around today with a genuine interest in music. I have a handful of old friends that share my passion for music, but I’ve met a lot of people recent years who seem bemused by my enthusiasm for albums, gigs and new music discoveries.

It’s got me thinking that maybe music as an interest, is becoming far more niche than it used to be.

I’ve come across quite a number of people at higher profile gigs who are there to tick off the experience in their bucket list rather than being genuine fans of the band. They’d be unlikely to own their Greatest Hits let alone name their seminal album!

Access to music should be easier these days due to the internet, but perhaps there is too much out there for the casual listener to begin their music education? Record shops are closing by the day, so cities and towns are losing their music focal point and with that accessibility, particularly to enthusiasts, who can guide someone new to a genre or artist towards their next purchase.

Music on television in the UK is slipping from mainstream schedules. Top of the Pops was buried years ago, Later with Jools Holland seems to get later and later, while although BBC4 has music Friday’s, the programming is aimed at older demographics.

I find it quite unusual now to meet people in my everyday life who ‘get’ music, which saddens me, as someone who has been brought up with great music from my first days on the planet. And, without my virtual Twitter music friends, I’d have no-one to discuss music with regularly.

Is it just me who feels this way, or is this the way it’s going now?