How to Support BBC 6music

Support for BBC 6music is gathering pace.

The Guardian quotes support from David Bowie, and Twitter is awash with tweets from freelance DJs who are free to voice their support.

Richard Bacon has been vocal on air, which is wonderfully brave of a man on a BBC contract!

Here’s who to follow on Twitter

The DJ that launched BBC 6music Phill Jupitus @jupitusphillip

BBC 6music and Asian Network DJ Bobby Friction @bobbyfriction

Music journalist and DJ Andrew Collins @CollingsA

Tom Watson MP who is tabling a motion supporting BBC 6music @tom_watson


Join the facebook group

Sign the Petition

Contact Your MP

UK Parliament, how to contact your MP

Ask you MP to support Tom Watson MP’s motion on the future of 6music

Tom Watson MP’s 6music motion


If I’ve missed anything please post a comment below and I’ll update this post.



The future of BBC 6music

It has been reported that the BBC Trust is considering axing 6music and the Asian Network as part of a strategic review examining how the licence fee is spent.

Since the demise of pirate radio in the 1960s the BBC has sought to be at the forefront of quality popular music radio and with DJ’s such as the late John Peel, the BBC was renowned from bringing exciting new music to not just the UK, but the world.

BBC 6music was launched in the early days of digital radio and represents those who are too old for mainstream and poppy Radio 1, but not old enough to slot comfortably into Radio 2.

6music is consistently the only radio station to push the boundaries and offer an exciting mix of new and old music, with DJ’s who are genuinely interested in music and are not employed just because they are a TV personality – see, Fearne Cotton, Vernon Kay etc. on Radio 1.

Where else but 6music would Craig Charles get to champion up and coming funk soul band Dojo Cuts who are trying to break through from Australia?  Where else but 6music would Stuart Maconie get to play the most bizaare and interesting tracks heard on radio on his show Freak Zone?  It scares me to the core that amazing DJs like them could be pulled from the schedules and stuck on the Radio 2 graveyard shift.

Unfortunately it is party politics that is in play in this BBC Trust review.  The BBC Trust are expecting a Tory win at the next election, and the Tories have been quite vocal in their opinions that the BBC is too large and needs to be streamlined.  It’s interesting that it’s the deviant 6music that is up for the chop; Tories have never exactly embraced popular music.

If the BBC Trust gets its way, lovers of interesting pop and rock music across the UK will be doomed to a future of mainstream radio offerings and commercial radio.

If you’d like to support the campaign to save 6music:

Sign the petition: Save 6music and Asian Network Petition

Join the facebook group:

Complain to the BBC: